Books as Life: 2024 Member's Exhibition


Barbara Toothpick

Working as a painter&poet&composer for 50 of my 90 years... i like it.... makes for agility and long sightedness. Born in the midwest... traveled the world... home is Maine (and Philadelphia). Everything i do creates something new and i get to choose its color sound and function. What a lot of stumbles... falling flat on my face... it has taken to get here.

...the i choose Happy book

...the i choose Happy book barbara toothpick The paper folding and cutting came first. next... came the taping trapping page to page. next... the painting splash dashing wet long drying. reading in some words... "once upon a time". and all the while wondering what its final form would be. next... the cutting of the board and the glueing of the end sheets. DULL and then finding the black mountains.. and then FINALLY discovering the words.

Water colors, paper, foam core, magic markers, pencil, glue, tape