Books as Life: 2024 Member's Exhibition


Diane Pepe

Pepe is a multidisciplinary artist, centered in drawing, constructions and photography. Her works mirror her response to the environment and personal experiences. Reoccurring themes include light, architecture, and scientific processes of perception, vision and memory. Exhibited in: Marin Moca Museum Contemporary Art, CA; Albuquerque Museum, NM; and Berman Museum, PA.

Wandering Curves Covid Walks

During Covid pandemic first years, masked and isolated from human interaction, I ventured out to walk with hesitancy, aware of an unknown virus that had an overwhelming power to shut down daily life. There were no cars on the roads, no people walking, no distant noise of traffic across the river, no dogs barking or baby carriages, or any sign of bustling city life. A deafening silence. It was just me and the street. I became aware of exciting and compelling compositions-images that expressed the power of time and nature upon concrete pavement and industrial elements of the city streets.

Digital photography, Canson Paper house, interleaving papers between prints