Books as Life: 2024 Member's Exhibition


Alma Luz Castro

Alma received an award from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in 2007. She is a Philadelphia Folklore Artist, a Certified Taro Origami Artist, a Masters in Miniature Dolls and Costuming. Her works have appeared in various publications for dolls and miniatures.

The Homage to Fall Colors of Autumn Foliage

One of the most admirable traits embedded on the Japanese people are their instinct genuinely love for nature worship. As the autumn season ushers___ a trail blazing of leaves in a myriad of shapes, pattern and forms; a palette of fall colors of lacquered red, burnt sienna, chartreuse, cinnamon, paprika and turmeric attributed mainly from a wide spectrum of deciduous trees such as maple, gingo, oak, beeches and elm tree among many others. The homage to fall which a great many inspiration in the designs of the traditional Kimono as well as expressions in various genre of arts such as ornamental features, decorative accents, artistic composition in painting, literature, music and miscellaneous.

4.75"x5 3/8"
Black Shikishi board, Origami: Chiyogami, Cellophane, Crepe, Tissue, Textured, Washi. Lace border sticker, Mizuhiki cord, and Nail Jewelry