Searching for a New Normal
2022 Members Exhibition



Alma Luz Castro

Alma received an award from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in 2007. She is a Philadelphia Folklore Artist, a Certified Taro Origami Artist, and a Masters in Miniature Dolls and Costuming. Her works have appeared in various publications for dolls and miniatures.


It is de regueur in the tradition of Eastern women having faces covered on what they refer as burqa.  It connotes religious reverence and devout filial piety.  It discourage to generate sexual arousal, interest and desires.


With the Covid-19 pandemic that had spread worldwide, as one of the measures, face mask were imposed by health protocols safeguarding the welfare of mankind.


The significant influence transcends its journey au courant as an innovative fashion statement that creates a scenario of no boundaries presented in an East and West confrontation in a rapport and harmonious state.

14-1/16" H x 3" W
"Scraps of Origami paper, Shikishi board, punchers, watercolor pens. Made my own eye stencils."