Karen Viola
Karen works and resides in White Plains, NY. She has extensive experience designing innovative children’s books and now runs her own business and micro publishing imprint, Climbing Tree Press, offering book art editions, prints, and hand-dyed textiles.

On the Fence

I find I am often in a state of both looking out and looking in, peering through some kind of metaphorical fence, unsure of which side I am actually on. Torn between ideas, I am compelled to bind them together into something new. Recognizing and maintaining personal and creative boundaries can also be a challenge. My poem and book grew from all this. One of a kind.

3 x 3 inches folded, 2 inches deep, accordion unfolded width 38 inches
handmade kozo paper, old journal scraps, acrylic medium, wine bottle sleeves, and thread


This introspective book mimics a quiver of arrows. It presents a poem which serves as a self-protective, prayerful reminder to listen to the language of my body and act with compassion towards it. Each arrow points a different way. One of a kind.

contained, closed size: 5 x 12.5 x 1.5, fanned-open book size approx 22 x 12 inches area
basswood, mixed papers, ink, acrylic paint, sinew wax thread, cork fabric, pigskin, leather lace, hemp thread, and acrylic beads