Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



Sha Towers

Shā Towers works in calligraphic and book arts. His work appears in university special collections throughout the U.S. as well as international juried exhibitions. He is the founder and curator of the book arts collection at the Baylor University Libraries where he is the Associate Dean and Arts Librarian.

Tabula Rasa

This work was inspired by the idea of tabula rasa, Latin for "scraped tablet," often translated as "blank slate.” Tabula rasa appears in the writings of philosophers throughout the ages as they explore the idea that the mind arrives in the world as a blank slate to be written upon by external impressions and experiences. This work invites us to reflect on the dream for a better world and explores writing as image through a quote from author Henry Martin that dreams of humanity starting "afresh, a new world, a tabula rasa . . . ." One of a kind.

4.75 in. x 6 in. x 0.5 in.
piano hinge codex structure, paper, board, vellum, sumi ink