Looking Out / Looking In
2021 Member's Exhibition



CB Sherlock

The work of CB Sherlock allows us to experience her three loves: the grandeur of “Nature,” Wordcraft, and the endlessly variable structure of the book. She shows us nature in elegantly simple graphic images, using repetition of shape, and beautiful palate. She gives a glimpse into a love affair.

A Day Elsewhere: Chateau Laréole

The afternoon I spent at Chateau Laréole, I arrived looking outward, exploring the world. But the day was perfect, the light brilliant, and I was satisfied to sketch and draw the dusty pink strips of this distinguished building. Balzac’s opening paragraph describes beautifully how I was drawn in, forgetting time and everything but the lines and color in front of me. Edition of 18.

book closed 12.5" x 9.25", open 12.5"x 22"
Old and new technologies, Metal type and polymer plates on letterpress, fine press and relief prints; Chine Collé paper, collage using laser and hand cut paper. It is unbound, wrapped in a relief printed handmade MaryHarkpaper and housed in pink leather