Diane Pepe
Diane is a Philadelphia-based artist.Her current work is related to research into the scientific processes of human memory and perception. Diane is a full time Associate Professor of Art at the University of the Arts. She has exhibited her work in both national and regional venues and museums.

Memory as Construction Diptych

When we look out, we are inundated by visual stimuli and multiple sensations meet our eyes. What we actually take in, perceive, remember, and eventually recall, is determined by numerous areas of the brain. This fascinating process along with learning about the various related scientific theories, has been the main conceptual basis for my artistic exploration for several years. The concept of Looking Out/Looking In can refer to our memory processes: Looking In can refer to our engagement in the rich store of memories that we have accumulated throughout our lives. Looking out can refer to our continued excitement about life, enjoying new experiences, and building new memories while reconstructing existing ones.


A high resolution scan of one of my original pencil drawings represents a significant event in our lives. This image is printed on archival paper. Various sections of the same image are printed on acrylic plates. These individual images are slightly suspended above the original print secured by silver pins. Each translucent printed image is slightly different then the next, which signifies the theory that when we recall a memory, it changes ever so slightly each time. The layered nature of the work signifies the constructive nature of memory recall.

9"x9"x2" each.