Nancy Parks

Nancy Parks, a fine & mixed media artist, focuses on works on paper, printmaking, and book art. She has a BFA from EUP and is a member of PCB & Fleisher Art Memorial. She’s exhibited in solo & group shows including the Let’s Connect: Philly Artists Take on the Barnes, MainLine Art Center, and 3rd Street Gallery. She's a published poet & natural cook with published recipes.

3 Butterfly Book

This piece was created from a larger complete drawing of butterflies cut into size for 3 books. Butterflies are an inspiration – their fluttering, delicate beauty, and diversity. They fly in, out, up, down, across, and all around. I can see & view them outside, when I am inside, or when I am right there as they flutter in my space when I am walking, standing, gardening.

4" x 6"
Drawing paper, pastel, ink, graphite, thread, crayon.