Claire Marcus
Claire Marcus holds MFA and BFA degrees in painting and a BA in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a special interest in landscape’s power to evoke memory and narrative. Born and raised in New York, she has lived in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania since 2003, where she has access to industrial, rural, and urban subjects. Her work in book formats and mixed media is created with photography, printmaking, drawing, and textile techniques. It reflects her background as a fifth generation fiber artist, synthesizing family heritage with training in painting and architecture.

Steel Windows

Observations taken of and through the evolving Bethlehem Steel site, taken over several years and assembled into a composite structure. Reflections on the resilience of a neighborhood landmark, from a  brown field to a buddleia meadow and cultural center.

8" x 11" x 8"
Papercuttings of digital photographs stitched with photographs on silk, accordion structure tunnel book.