Neila Kun

Born in Philadelphia, PA. BFA, Sculpture Department, Tyler School of Art. MFA, Photography Dept, Tyler School of Art. Worked at a private mint sculpting coins and medals. Sculpted obverse side, one cent piece for Guyana, 1970. Sculpted reverse side of the medal, 25th anniversary Queen Elizabeth's reign for British Virgin Islands.

vegetable garden

This work is an exercise in possible ways to manipulate the material craft of the paper medium. Cotton fiber is mixed with water, poured into a mold and dried. I make plaster molds to form each shape. Some molds have multiple sections. Where the sections come together, a seam is produced and this seam must be made as unobtrusive as possible. I need to use the right tools and the best materials to bring the finished form to its final iteration. This is an ongoing project about growth, learning and accountability in craft, in art making, and in the garden.

9" x 10" x 4"
hand cast paper, cotton fiber (not a book form)