Angelique Kopacz

Angelique Kopacz was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where she continues her practice. Her work explores mental illness and its impact on the human condition. She is interested in examining the relationship between the mind and body – how they work together or conflict with one another in an attempt to remain well.

Stunted Growth

Stunted Growth is a risograph artist book with cutouts created using scans of my marbled papers. The marbling and cutouts tell a narrative of those who feel mistreated and suffer through trauma that has left them behind in life; this piece is to reassure them of one’s own path. The images created by the overlaying patterns reference back to the human body, resembling macro stills of cells, intestines, and muscles. Referencing pieces of ourselves that may feel missing due to the journey of mental illness or trauma, we discover more lies beneath the surface.

Printed by Jessica Hoffman. Edition of 25.

8” x 10”
Risograph, screen printing, paper cutting.